Congratulations @ttscoff on his 200th episode of Systematic (@SystmCast) on @ESNfm!…

TIL Append .text to a permalink URL on @DaringFireball to see its Markdown. Source: The Talk Show 198

Mowing the lawn at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley, CA.

Updated DIY Dark Mode for iOS post with tip from @markiglo to use Accessibility Shortcuts for easier access.

Did Home Screen post on @MacSparky:

No blinding insight or meticulous organization, but it was fun to do.

Good grief. It’s 2017 and Excel can’t open two files with the same name in different folders? Seriously?

Current status: Sweating eggplant.…

PSA: @TextExpander is super handy for hard to spell surnames. Just make snippets. For example: Maggie.g or Zach.g

Had fun chatting with @stephenwarley on his “Life skills that matter.” podcast:

Hat tip to Audio Hijack from @RogueAmoeba. Regularly use to record my end of podcast audio. Great app!




Congrats @obreidenbach on over ten years as CEO of @BoinxSoftware! Pretty cool milestone.

Congrats @KatieFloyd on your appointment to the 8th Judicial Circuit Bar Association BoD:


Congrats @goldenhillsoftware / @johnbrayton on your acquisition of Unread:

Friday dinner. Paella. Step 3 of 3. Yum!

Friday dinner. Paella. Step 2 of 3.

Friday dinner. Paella. Step 1 of 3.