Congratulations @ismh and @imyke on @_RelayFM’s 4th birthday! 🍰 …and to all the amazing hosts. What a great thing you’ve built together!

Congrats @realmacsoftware on the release of RapidWeaver 8:…

One more Golden Gate Bridge shot, with no fog at a all.

Golden Gate Bridge with minimal fog.

Karl the Fog is hanging out at Salesforce tower today.

Francisco Street stairs. San Francisco.

Alcatraz. It’s important to book early.

Exploratorium. San Francisco.

“Pool of Melted Resolve” from @macgenie’s timeline. Very poetic. Sounds like the title of a song, blog, movie, short story, etc.

Making good use of View -> Annotations, Show -> Highlights today in @PDFpen. To see a list of the highlights in a PDF, it’s super handy.

Congratulations @macpaw on your 10th Anniversary:…

I wish you many more years and many more cats.

Congratulations @_connectedfm and hosts @viticci, @imyke & @ismh on milestone episode 200:…

Paella. Yum!

KQED reporter John Sepulvado on Morning Edition reporting on child reunification hearings: “I’m no Nina Totenberg, but…” made me giggle.

Congrats @rosemaryorchard and @macsparky on episode #1 of the Automators podcast:… @automatorsfm

You know you’ve been on vacation when @OutOfMilk no longer shows in your Siri app suggestions.

Stella from @tenonedesign. Find outlets in the dark, keep your cords tidy, and have it all look great. Made my order.

Congratulations @ChaffeeJohn on the launch of WhenWorks: John also founded BusyMac, makers of BusyCal.

Happy Birthday, @macgenie! Wishing you: 🍰(GF) +🍷+🎉

“This may take up to NaN seconds.” I suppose this is going to be very fast or very, very slow. Or perhaps it’s related to a grandmother.

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Smile History: PageSender, a Fax Story

Great post from @maia_olson “Smile Celebrates 15 Years”: Includes an SASE sticker giveaway!