Happy Birthday, @macguitar! 🍰

Can’t help wondering if the reason behind the unique logos on the Apple event invitations is to track level of influence of attendees.

Thanks @katiefloyd and @macsparky for hosting the Developer Roundtable on MPU. Enjoyed chatting with you, @kcase, and @dteare. www.relay.fm/mpu/452

Filling for today’s ratatouille lasagna.

Yesterday evening’s project: two batches (twice what you see here) of albondigas from @Rick_Bayless’s “Mexican Everyday.”

Tonight’s exotic mushroom sauté includes lobster mushrooms. Yum!

Dear Canadian Friends: Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🥧🍻

TFW you learn that a happy-sounding pop song in a foreign language is actually really, really sad.

Live in the East Bay? Help reduce climate change for less than a fancy coffee per month. Opt up to Renewable 100 at ebce.org

The prolific @macsparky strikes again. Check out the new MacSparky OmniFocus Field Guide: learn.macsparky.com/p/omnifoc…

The weird, impossible journey of my iPhone, adjusted for US Pacific time. Can’t get from Kentucky to Hong Kong in under an hour. #timetravel

I’m thinking the return trip to Hong Kong doesn’t bode well for on-time delivery.

Had a nice lunch today with @mattcassinelli. Check out his video intro to Shortcuts in iOS 12: www.youtube.com/watch

Impressed at how well @ActuallyNPH enunciates when singing Hedwig. I’ve learned about a half dozen lines tonight I never understood before.

Hat tip to @bombichsoftware for their excellent Carbon Copy Cloner. Really handy to have during macOS version shifts. bombich.com

Check it out. @MacSparky has a new Field Guide, this one on Siri Shortcuts. Run, don’t walk: learn.macsparky.com/p/siri

Can’t wait to set up “Hey Siri, Pledge-free Stream” in iOS 12. Stoked that it will work on HomePod. #kqed

Congratulations @ismh on 10 years of 512 Pixels tomorrow. Fantastic accomplishment! 512pixels.net/2018/09/1…

Congrats to the @macstories team on 3 years of Club MacStories. If you’re not a subscriber or are unfamiliar, please see: www.macstories.net/news/thre…

Join me in supporting @ismh and his family as they raise money for @StJude Children’s Hospital: 512pixels.net/September…

Just finished our internal newsletter, so hat tip to @markedapp and @ttscoff for their help in that process. Buy here: marked2app.com

Extremely good save by Mac Geek Gab host @DaveHamilton as a fire engine interrupts his @PDFpen read: overcast.fm/+Kai0HYTi…

Congratulations to @MacSparky on the launch of learn.macsparky.com

You’ll find the MacSparky Field Guides, bonus videos and more.

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