TIL I take the idea of a bootable external drive completely for granted. On Windows, it’s almost impossible for two machines to share one.

The “Public Radio Test”: if the announcer has to spell your domain name during a sponsorship announcement, your company failed the test.

Happy Birthday, @macsparky! 🍰

PSA: You can set Hardened Runtime entitlements without being sandboxed. Just don’t set Enable Hardened Runtime in Build Settings. Use the Capabilities tab instead. It will set the Enable Hardened Runtime build setting for you. Magic.

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐

It’s past midnight in Greater China, so the Year of the Pig is upon us.


TIL: @Mailchimp changed their brand capitalization on September 27, 2018 from MailChimp to Mailchimp.

Before: web.archive.org/web/20180…

After: web.archive.org/web/20180…

Congrats @tenonedesign and @psidentity on their new Wifi Porter: tenonedesign.com/porter.ph… making guest Wifi access easy.

Our third public beta, @TextExpander for macOS 6.3b10, is available. Feel free to check it out: smilesoftware.com/textexpan…

Encountered new, unwelcome method to disguise restaurant price increase in SF tonight. 15% surcharge to “help with increased employer costs.” Just update the prices on the menu. Don’t make it confusing so that tourists fail to tip the staff.

Always an honor to be in a list such as this: twitter.com/kevinrj/s… /cc @danielpunkass

TextExpander 6.3b7 is now available to the beta channel. Here’s how to get in on the action: smle.us/oz46a

Congrats to @siegel and Bare Bones on 25 Years of @BBEdit. Amazing! merch.barebones.com

ICYMI: TextExpander for macOS 6.3 beta with new visual editor is ready for folks to try: smle.us/kzlws

Psst… want in early on the next major update to TextExpander for macOS? smilesoftware.com/textexpan…

Saw a trailer for “Welcome to Marwen” this weekend. It seems to overly play up the comedic parts of an amazing story. Recalled listening to this great @SnapJudgment radio segment on the topic, which I recommend: snapjudgment.org/marwencol

Okay, Pages, if you’re going to ask me to download multiple fonts, please don’t ask one at a time. Thanks!

Notarization for disk images is currently broken. rdar://problem/46011946

Also, cf: forums.developer.apple.com/thread/11…

The accessibility identifier was removed from the @GoogleChrome Omnibar starting in version 69. Is there any earthly reason they’d have done that?

Uhoh. Bet you know what comes next.

PSA for SF East Bay folks: Help reduce climate change for less than a fancy coffee per month. Opt up to Renewable 100 at ebce.org

Go @1password, Apple Special Event star!

Coffee sales in Cupertino hit record highs this morning. ☕

Today, I was impressed to find @NextDoor offers a “Close Discussion” button to the poster of a message. Thanks!

PSA: iTunes Gift Cards at 15% off from eBay / PayPal:


Use one to get your next year of Apple Music for 30% off:


Happy Birthday, @macguitar! 🍰