Excited to see @TextExpander among @benthompson’s list of SaaS services he uses. Long-time @Stratechery subscriber. Highly recommended.

I should not swipe up to unlock my iPad. I should not swipe up to unlock my iPad. I should not swipe up…

Happy Birthday, @PeterMaurer and @MacTipsDaily! Twice in November, two Smile folks or Friends of Smile share the same birthday. 🍰


Shout out to Printopia by @decisivetactics for letting me AirPrint to my non-AirPrint printer with ease (say that three times fast).

Fun fact: Our sewage treatment district @OroLomaSD has an excellent newsletter. I read it in full every time it arrives.

Favorite @TextExpander snippet during release process: ,spctl for: spctl -a -t exec -vvvv Favorite result: accepted

Help @AppCamp4Girls achieve their vision for 2020: smle.us/wrisl Check out their Fireside Chat series: smle.us/dfc0y

Added Cardhop to @TextExpander’s Brand Names public group to automate CamelCase resistance: smle.us/sogdk /cc @flexibits

Congrats @flexibits on the release of the new Cardhop contacts manager!

Wow! Core Intuition 300: smle.us/a478j. Congrats @danielpunkass, @manton2! AND a Membership Program: smle.us/lrfxp

PSA: @ttscoff is giving away a copy of the excellent new 60 Mac Tips, Vol 2 he co-authored with @macsparky: smle.us/f5dgl

Tonight’s paella in raw form.

Shishito peppers. Soon to be an appetizer.

Congratulations to @AppCamp4Girls on new board member @incanus77 and to Justin on a great new gig with a fantastic organization.

Instant Buy: @AppCamp4Girls Compendium 2017 App is now available: smle.us/hv0pt

PSA: If you’re going to send someone a paper check to pay an invoice in 2017, send them an email and let them know it’s coming.

Wanted to camelcase Runkeeper today, so added it to the @TextExpander Brand Names public group: smle.us/pa1tw

I’ve read that the haptic engine on Apple Watch series 3 is unchanged, but I could feel @Runkeeper mile taps today as never before.

Congratulations @ttscoff on his 200th episode of Systematic (@SystmCast) on @ESNfm! esn.fm/systemati…