Happy 14th Birthday to ScreenCastsOnline! (@sconline). 🍰


Unofficial Guide to macOS Catalina: catalina.macpaw.com

Cool resource from the folks at @MacPaw.

Congrats @PeterNLewis and @Stairways Software on the release of must-have utility @KeyboardMaestro 9: www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/

How is the sudden appearance of a sign-up window for Microsoft Teams (on Windows) not an anti-competitive abuse of their market power?

“Hey Siri, play KQED.” Works as desired for months. Today: “Now playing a selection of songs from Extermintor.” Pretty sure I’ve never played any songs by Extermintor. Sigh.

PSA: @TakeControl Books has a new website and a housewarming sale. Check it out:


I wonder if Apple’s next “big thing” will be a little thing, namely Bluetooth-based tags which work with the new “Find My” system in iOS 13.

PSA: “The Rook” by Daniel O’Malley is on sale for $3 at Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/B004QX…

My review: codecookread.com/the-rook/

Thanks @drdrang for the pointer to the sale. Concur that the sequel “Stiletto” is also great.

Dear @MicrosoftHelps: submitted evidence of trademark violation via the following link on June 29th. Beyond submission thanks, did not receive email acknowledgement or any follow-up. Violation continues.


Happy Birthday, @macgenie ! 🍰 (need chocolate and gluten-free Emoji modifiers) 🍸 🎈

Last night’s orzo salad with lemon dressing. Adapted from: iowagirleats.com/2013/03/2…

ICYMI. Chatted with Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton on the Small Business Show. Topics included: Smile origins, PDFpen, TextExpander, loving one’s customers.


Had a great time chatting with @ShannonJean and @DaveHamilton on the Small Business Show (@businessshowco). Topics: Smile’s origins, @PDFpen, @TextExpander, loving one’s customers.


Food is conspicuously absent from the Discover emoji. Grant, which emoji to pick is a challenge. 🍴 is Western-centric. 🍕 is ironic and non-veg. 🍲 is cross-cultural and fairly generic with an easy Emoji Cheat Sheet abbreviation (:stew:). Ok, I vote for 🍲. /cc @macgenie


Some interesting potential material for @viticci’s next Connected Live San Jose history lesson: www.littleitalysj.com/29banners…

PSA: If you need to add feedback to an existing bug in Feedback Assistant, use Catalina. Web is currently broken for existing issues.

RIP bugreport.apple.com

Ratatouille Lasagne recipe: web.archive.org/web/20151…

Finished product.

Stone fruit from today’s Hayward Farmers Market.

Ratatouille Lasagne. Post assembly. Pre oven. Learned to make with @etrep. Recipe from @DannySouper.

Mid assembly.

And so it begins…